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AVA/2018/1210Overlane Farm Over LaneOutline Application: Proposed Two New Residential Dwellings on Redundant Commercial Yard with new vehicle access from highway and existing vehicle access from highway retained (this is a departure from the Development Plan)The Application fails to meet the requirements of NP1 of the Hazelwood Neighbourhood Plan , insofar as it is not a " single dwelling , " ( NP1.1 ) . There is no demonstration that the 2 dwellings proposed " are necessary to meet the exceptional and local housing needs of residents within the Parish " ( NP1.2.) Nevertheless the PC recognises that the proposal is more attractive than would be the case if the site were again used for commercial purposes. Notwithstanding , the proposed dwellings do meet the requirements of NP3 , although it is noted that the Application is outline only. There seems to be little or no conflict with NP2, NP3 , and NP6 , save that the intrusion of the new dwellings into the landscape setting is inevitable in view of there being more than a single unit . And whilst it is understood that this response applies to 2 new dwellings , it must be noted that the site will be the subject of a further Application - bringing the number of new dwellings to 4 in the wider site ( reference the proposed site plan FDL-17-159/ W / 17 / -03 A.) The report of the Inspector ref APP / M1005 / W / 17 / 3189484 acknowledges the relevence of NP3 , and concludes that " controlling the size of the dwellings at reserved matters stage would ensure an open and spacious layout in keeping with the loose development pattern elsewhere on Over Lane. Given that the size of the dwellings will be restricted in this way , and opportunistic increases in size and massing will not be allowed in a later Application. There are concerns about the access which is close to the bennd. The Parish Council supports the Applicatiion .

Hazelwood Parish Council response to AVA/2018/1183


Hazelwood Parish Council ( HPC ) " made " their Neighbourhood Plan ( HNP ) by a Parish referendum in October 2016. Neighbourhood Plans were envisaged in the Localism Act of 2011 , which foresaw the opportunity for local communities ... " to come together through a local Parish Council or neighbourhood forum and say where they think new houses , businesses and shops should go – and what they should look like."

The Act was further " to give groups of local people the power to deliver development that their local community wants."

In preparing the HNP, the Parish Council considered not only those unique characteristics of the spectacular panoramas and view corridors enjoyed by the Parish and which make it an enjoyable place for leisure visitors , but more specifically the particular present & future needs of its' Parishioners , who typically own and occupy large dwellings , and who were likely in their later years to aspire to move to smaller and more manageable ( but high quality ) properties within the Parish .

It was against this background that HPC , through public consultation , questionnaires and discussion meetings , identified a strong local appetite for " smaller , quality houses for downsizing ( smaller market dwellings ) " ……..acc. HNP p4 / 2 / 6 , and :

" limited housing growth …..which will reflect the local requirement for smaller dwellings " acc. HNP p5 / 14a

Community Objective 5 of the HNP determined " to ensure that future housing development meets the needs of the Neighbourhood for a balanced , " all age " community , especially reflecting the requirement for smaller houses – either for elderly residents who prefer to downsize or as starter homes for younger residents…."

Ch 10 of the HNP " Housing mix and type " identifies ( p29 / 103 ) a clear majority support for the provision of 2 / 3 bedroom homes of high quality for older current residents wishing to downsize and able to purchase outright……. to set this into some context RIBA ( Royal Institute for British Architects ) estimate that in 2015 in the East Midlands an average 3 – bed new build had a floor space of less than 100m2 .

And Ch 10 / p29 / 106 foresees NP3 as encouraging residential development to meet local needs for smaller dwellings which are predominantly required for older people. This will in turn free up family houses for those wishing to move into the area.

NP3 of the HNP requires that proposals for new homes will only be supported if they include a maximum of three bedrooms , unless the latest assessment of housing needs in the Parish demonstrates that such homes are no longer required .

The foregoing summary shows that there has been a well developed and consistent approach in the HNP to the issue of house size , and of the target purchasers of " smaller high quality dwellings " for downsizing . It has been an approach driven by the identified needs of the community of Hazelwood , balanced by a realistic attitude to the clear attractiveness of the Parish to potential incomers , and the freeing up of bigger dwellings to meet the needs of those incomers through the downsizing process .

To avoid an over rigid approach , balance was provided through NP3 allowing " proposals for new homes with more than 3 bedrooms will only exceptionally be supported to meet particular housing needs ………….or to cater for a large family."

This management of the new build process, and the associated modest new property sizing, would in turn allow change which would respect the established framework of the Hazelwood settlements , would minimise the impact of new builds on their neighbouring properties , and would tend not to cause harm to the panoramic views and view corridors which are such a significant characteristic of the Parish of Hazelwood.

It also provides a clear direction for Planners and Developers on the issue of the size and massing of new build dwellings in relation to the existing built environment .

Detail :

It was against the foregoing that HPC reviewed Planning Application AVA / 2018 / 0064 , for a modest new dwelling and detached garage in the garden of , and to the East of the property known as " the Deer Leap." Whilst in outline only , the Application identified a property potentially suitable for the resident of The Deer Leap to downsize into , and referenced the HNP 102 regarding this aspiration . The house was of 88m2 floor area plus a 25m2 detached garage .

Whilst acknowledging that the proposal was not in accordance with AVB Local Plan 2006 , HPC considered that otherwise the proposal respected the directions for new smaller quality dwellings identified in the HNP and set out in the foregoing . HPC consequently had no objection to the proposal .

On Dec 6th 2018 a revised Application AVA/2018/1183 was submitted, in which there was a radical change to the proposed dwelling outlined in AVA/2018/0064 . The new proposal was for a 2 storey dwelling which more than covered the entire footprint of the original dwelling / garage and intervening open land. HPC responded to this Application on December 17 2018 ( to M Penford ) requesting the refusal of the Application based on the unacceptable size ( est 220m2 ) and massing of the proposed new property, and other issues , which are referred to in the HPC response on the AVBC Planning Application tab for 2018/1183 under Consultation APAR ( copy appended.)

A modification to AVA/2018/1183 has now been submitted, dated 19-02-2019 , in which changes to the ridge height have been made, and the accommodation over the garage / carport has been eliminated . The letter from Oasis Architecture to M Penford of 19 Feb notes that the ridge height changes are such that the height is now " no taller than the adjacent property " ( The Deer Leap.)

The letter makes reference to the Village Design Statement ( VDS ) in respect of design characteristics , and to NP1 in respect of design characteristics and character , making much of the proposal " following the prevalent scale of adjacent and surrounding properties."

Nowhere in either of the two proposals offered under AVA/2018/1183 has any reference been made to that clearly expressed direction in the HNP , which is summarised in the Foreward section of this response, and which was clearly respected in Application AVA/2018/0064 , namely a requirement for smaller , quality houses for downsizing . This is a key principle of a Neighbourhood Plan conceived , developed and brought into Planning law on behalf of the community of Hazelwood. It was not designed to allow a " Dash for Cash " strategy by developers , and has been disregarded in the two most recent proposals under AVA/2018/1183. The first proposal would clearly have dominated the neighbouring properties in terms of size and massing and not respected the present built environment . The second proposal clearly offered some reduction in massing , but remains at least comparable to , and arguably greater in scale than the Deer Leap , both proposals being at or greater than twice the square floor area foreseen as typical for a 3 – bed property in the area .

It might be tempting to assume that the modifications made to the design in the second proposal of AVA/2018/1183 represent some form of negotiation give back by the Applicant , or " step in the right direction." The Parish Council view is that a " less bad " outcome is not a " good " outcome , and that the clearly expressed HNP policy direction for downsizing in Hazelwood must be respected.

The second proposal remains consistent in scale and massing with neighbouring properties , and would therefore cause harm by significantly increasing the mass of the existing built environment . It does not relate well to the proposal made under AVA/2018/0064 in scale and massing , which would respect the existing environment .

In allowing AVA/2018/0064 in outline , AVBC Planning noted under "Justifications in detail " ( p2 ) that " Despite being a greenfield site the development is acceptable in terms of scale and character ………." HPC registered their acceptance of this position in approving this Application . The acceptance was however based on the understanding that the approval defined those issues of of size , scale and massing which would be carried forward into detailed proposals later. This view is reinforced by a recent High Court judgement ( 2018 EWHC 212 Admin ) which stated " an Application for approval of a reserved matter must be within the ambit of the outline planning permission and must be in accordance with the conditions annexed to the outline planning permission." This is a reasonable condition , and in the opinion of HPC should apply in this case .

We also refer to the Appeal ref. APP/M1005/W/17/3189484 at Over Lane Farm in Hazelwood in which the Inspector allowed an appeal against the refusal to grant outline Planning Permission against AVA/2018/0816. The Inspector noted ( para 12 ) that the plot provides sufficient space for a development of 2 modest dwellings to be comfortably assimilated into the landscape ……

and ( para 14 ) the proposal would provide 2 new dwellings which the Appellant intends to provide as 3 bedroom properties and so accord with the guidance in the Neighbourhood Plan , which seeks to provide a range of housing types in the village to meet local needs , including smaller dwellings suitable for those downsizing…..

and ( para 17 ) I therefore concur with the Council , that the objective would be achieved by restricting the size of the dwellings , WHICH IS A RESERVED MATTER . Controlling the size of the dwellings at a reserved matters stage would also ensure an open and spacious layout , in keeping with the loose development pattern elsewhere in Over Lane.

HPC considers that this is also a reasonable basis upon which the Appeal was allowed , and one upon which it is appropriate to carry through the outline conditions identified in AVA / 2018 / 0064 into the consideration of the changes proposed under AVA/2018/1183.

Village Design Statement ( VDS ) : This is included in the HNP to set out a 15 year vision for development in Hazelwood in terms of maintaining those special characteristics which define the Parish today , whilst allowing sympathetic development which will enhance and complement its' location , and will respect established patterns of design……………form , size, scale and massing. Not by copying, but by sensitivity and by complementing the character of the surroundings .

If the proposal in the amended version of AVA/2018/1183 is considered from a position to the East , or down Lumb Lane , there would be a continuous roof line established from The Deer Leap to the proposed dwelling . This is as a result of copying and not complementing neighbouring properties in terms of size and scale. The proposal under AVA/2018/0064 was more sensitive to it's surroundings and could be considered to enhance the settlement characteristics and to show harmony with the mixed nature of the Over Lane settlement.

Summary :

In forming this response , HPC has sought to re-emphasize how , why and for who the HNP was designed , developed and brought into being . It defines a plan for Parishioners to be able to extend their residence in the Hazelwood community through a process of sensitive and structured downsizing , whilst releasing large established properties for incoming families . The proposal defined under AVA/2018/0064 meets this direction , and also follows the typical pattern of property size ( app 100m2 ) for 3 – bed properties in the wider area ,whilst the proposals defined under AVA/2018/1183 fail to do so, for the reasons outlined earlier.

Reference to recent case law , and to an Appeal decision made under APP/M1005/w/17/3189484 , support the belief of HPC that the dwelling identified in FDL-17-157-03A to support AVA/2018/0064 is appropriate in size and scale to meet the direction of the HNP , and that it is reasonable for the size and scale of this dwelling to be used to define the direction of, and the treatment of Applications in Hazelwood Parish.

Further AVA/2018/1183 is insensitive to the aspirations of the VDS , in proposing dwellings which copy rather than complement the existing massing and size characteristics of the Over Lane settlement.

Hazelwood Parish Council strongly request that the Application under AVA/2018/1183 be refused.

AVA/2019/0732 - The Old Pump House

The subject Application will undoubtedly bring into wider public focus a building with genuine historical relevance in

the Parish of Hazelwood , and also preserve it's architectural significance . ,

It's visual impact upon the community will be very limited , in view of it's location , and it's use as a holiday let will bring

economic benefit to the area .

The Parish Council supports this Application .

AVA / 2019 / 0795 Rickstones , Hob Hill , Hazelwood

In considering this Application it is relevant to consider the existing street scene on Hob Hill . The building style is of a mixed nature , with many mature stone dwellings set in spacious plots ; but also some more modern houses typically of 1960's style , in small clustered settings . Where dwellings are set back from the roadside , the natural contours of Hob Hill, together with the abundance of mature trees , shrubs and hedgerows conspire to provide home owners with a high degree of visible separation from their neighbours , a consequent privacy , and the avoidance of a conflict of built form.

Rickstones is to the east of and downhill from it's neighbour Holmeside Cottage . It is a much more modern dwelling than Holmeside Cottage, which is of substantial history , local significance and style . Owing to the gradient of Hob Hill at the site , Rickstones is set lower and is subordinate to Holmeside Cottage within the street scene at that point . Rickstones has a single storey metal garage which abuts the boundary with Holmeside Cottage and which is the focus for the subject Application . ( It is our understanding that beneath this garage there is a mains sewer which would require very serious technical consideration should the Application proceed , and in any event the requirements for the foundation work necessary to support the construction of a 2 – storey extension would inevitably threaten the integrity of the substructure of Holmeside Cottage . )

The extension proposed under this Application would bring a 2-storey extension of modern style into a high visibility / close proximity relationship with a traditional stone dwelling of some 500 years history , and set a precedent which would affect the relationships of the mixed age dwellings on Hob Hill described earlier .

In considering the response to the Application , Hazelwood PC will initially consider the relevant policies set out in the Hazelwood Neighbourhood Plan (HNP ) which was made in October 2016.

NP1 considers the impact of new build dwellings upon the rural character of the built environment , which must be " conserved and enhanced . " The Application is not for a new build , but it is considered that the OUTCOME of an extension is equivalent to a new build in terms of it's new relationship with the built environment.

NP1 further requires that development proposals contain designs which accord with the Village Design Statement ( VDS ) so that development " is not harmful to the intrinsic local character of the proposed location."

NP2 requires that development proposals " must demonstrate how they reflect , preserve and enhance the locally distinctive design attributes and characteristics of the Parish as detailed in the VDS , and in respect of new homes or extensions , the Housing character survey , in particular the retention of ………………existing key features such as mellow brick , stone , slate roofs etc…………….

NP3 requires that new homes shall be of a maximum of 3 bedrooms . This is to support the base assumption of the HNP that existing Parishioners wishing to stay in the Parish in their later years would downsize into high quality 3 – bed homes in the Parish which would carry a low impact upon the existing built environment , and would free up their previous large dwelling for sale on the open market . In this way the adverse impacts of new , large dwellings upon the environment would be avoided .

The VDS is Hazelwood's vision for the changing shape of the Parish over a 15 year period . It is based on the presumption of the preservation of the design characteristics which typify the Parish , whilst accepting those changes which maintain harmony with the existing built environment .

In considering the Application , HPC has paid particular attention to it's relationship with its' near neighbour Holmeside Cottage . As previously noted , owing to it's lower position due to the contour of Hob Hill , Rickstones is subordinate to Holmeside Cottage and presents a moderately low Visual Impact to Holmeside Cottage . The introduction of a 2–storey extension into a boundary position some 15 feet from Holmeside cottage itself will bring a major negative Visual Impact upon Holmeside Cottage , both in terms of outlook and of the impact of modern materials on a traditional , 500 year old dwelling of local stone construction . The separation between dwellings which characterises Hob Hill will be lost at this point .

The Application fails NP1 , in that the rural character of the built environment will not be conserved or enhanced , since the proposed materials are unsympathetic to the intrinsic local character . The increased scale and massing as proposed will also bring harm to the rural character of the built environment.

It also fails NP2 , insofar as it does not retain local key features such as ( in this case ) stone building material .

The outcome of the proposed extension would be a property which would fail NP3 , bringing into being a 5 bed dwelling inconsistent with the thrust of the HNP for the development of " smaller high quality 3-bed homes for Parishioners wishing to downsize .

The Application also fails to meet the requirements of the VDS , which calls for development sympathetic to and in context with it's environment .

Whilst not covered specifically in the HNP , there is concern regarding the possible impact of the major groundworks foreseen to support this proposal , upon Holmeside Cottage , which appear to have receive less than appropriate attention in the Application .

For the reasons detailed above HPC submits that the Application be refused.

Hazelwood PC response to AVA/2019/0152

The Parish Council has reviewed the subject Application in the light of recent relevant development activity in the Parish , and wishes to record a revised response to replace that of 08/03/2029.

The proposal is for a new dwelling situated in the present kitchen garden of the applicant's property " Sunset," on Nether Lane Hazelwood . The pattern of the settlement at that point is of a loose nature , and whilst the proposal is not " within and well integrated with " the existing pattern ; extending as it does northwards and beyond the notional building line ; the location of the proposal and it's integration into the landscape and view corridors mean that it does relate well to it's immediate and wider environment.

The concern which has arisen however relates to the size of the proposed dwelling , estimated from the supplied drawings to be 560 m2 . The Hazelwood Neighbourhood Plan ( HNP ) foresees an appetite for smaller , quality houses for downsizing ( para 6 / p4.)

The policies in the HNP are intended to ensure that housing growth will be limited and will reflect the local requirement for smaller dwellings ( para 14/p5)

Community Objective 5 looks to ensure that all future housing development meets the needs of the neighbourhood for a balanced " all age " community, especially reflecting the requirement for smaller houses………….

Para 87 / p26 notes that development that provides one or two smaller homes will be supported ……………………

Section 10 – Housing mix and type – makes repeated reference to the need for development of smaller dwellings to enable present parishioners to downsize, and these directions are crystallised in NP3 which gathers the sizing direction under that of a 3 bedroom home , this being considered market typical of the smaller size / downsize referred to in the foregoing . Whilst HPC has not been prescriptive on the issue of size , recent Application history for new builds has shown a size range for 3 – bed proposals of 140m2 to 220m2 , dependent on context . HPC would consider that this size range would broadly identify the direction intended to be associated with the "downsizing" strategy identified in the HNP.

It is however significantly at variance with the size of the proposed property and consequently with the direction of the HNP . For this reason HPC submits that the Application should be refused .

AVA/2019/0194 - Church Farm Hazelwood

Hazelwood PC acknowledges the recent advice which informs the change of site boundary at Church Farm to a configuration which shows the site now extending southwards from the existing farmhouse following the line of Hazelwood Hill . We agree this is a more reasonable definition of the site , as the prior , extending westward from Hazelwood Hill , would open previously defined agricultural land to the threat of development .

We have already responded to the original Application under AVA/2019/0194, but would take this opportunity to confirm our strong opposition to the roof materials proposed – " a grey metal standing seam roof such as Zinc roofing."

The Agent for the Application states in their Design & Access Statement that " the proposed dwelling will be "very much in keeping with the character of the surrounding buildings with its' materials mirroring those of the existing barn on the site and the listed farm adjacent." In terms of the roofing materials this statement is wholly inaccurate , as both of the referenced buildings have Staffordshire Blue tiles to their roofs , and the wider Parish is consistent in the use of roof tiles and has no dwellings using the metal material proposed.

Reference to the Village Design Statement makes it clear that any new design must complement that of nearby properties , and should not adversely impact the surrounding area visually . Given it's T shaped design , the proposal presents a broad roof area to the east across toward Firestone , and a metal finish would cause great harm to the view corridor from Firestone looking west, and would conflict with NP6 , which requires that development " should not represent a significant visual intrusion into the landscape setting," and should " respect the principles of the Village Design Statement."

Hazelwood PC submits that AVBC should require the Applicants to specify a tile roofing , and that the continued specification for a metal roof should cause refusal of the Application.

The Parish Council have no objections to the application below.


Internal reconfiguration and 2 storey extension to create an additional bedroom to the first floor and living space to the ground floor.

Development Type:

Yew Tree Cottage 64 Ashbourne Road Shottle Gate Belper Derbyshire DE56 2LE

The subject Application is the latest of three which have been made in relation to the site in the garden of The Deer Leap , on Over Lane Hazelwood.

AVA/2018/0064 : sought and was granted outline permission for a property defined in Dwg FDL-17-157-03A by Freestone Design which accompanied the Application , being a detached property of modest size , with a detached single storey garage .

AVA/2018/1183 : proposed a dwelling which was of app 4x the size of 2018/0064 , and of substantially greater height and massing . This was later withdrawn and the design amended somewhat in terms of scale and massing , this amendment being itself subsequently withdrawn , and replaced by :

AVA/2019/0481 : Shows a new design and location within the plot , and a significant reduction in scale and massing from 2018/1183 , although still having a footprint app. double that of 2018/0064 against which outline Approval was granted .

Hazelwood Neighbourhood Plan ( HNP ) :

The HNP was formally " made " in October 2016 by referendum, and represents the vision of Parishioners for the changes to their community in terms of development in the years up to 2031 . It specifically set out to support a wish on the part of existing residents to downsize in their later years into smaller, high quality, and more manageable dwellings within their home community. This process would in turn release larger existing properties offering open market opportunities for incomers to the Parish with young or growing families.

The HNP also set out the strong wish for the attractive semi–rural nature of Hazelwood to be preserved , and for the built character of the 5 identifiable settlements to be maintained by respecting the design and context of existing buildings in those settlements. Over Lane , together with part of Lumb Lane , is one such settlement , having a majority of traditional stone & tile construction , being mainly of modest sizing , and of medium to large spacing.

Key issues in the HNP policies are as follows :

NP1:1a) Proposals must conserve and enhance the rural character of the built environment , and respect the high quality landscape in the vicinity , and

NP1:1b) applicants are required to demonstrate that the visual impact of the proposals has been minimised by producing designs that accord with the Village Design Statement ( VDS ) so that the development is not harmful to the intrinsic local character of the proposed location…..

NP2: To be supported, development proposals must demonstrate how they reflect , preserve and enhance the locally distinctive design attributes and characteristics of the Parish detailed in the VDS ………

NP3 : Proposals or new homes will only be supported if they include a maximum of 3 bedrooms ……………………….

NP6 : Development in Hazelwood Parish will be supported, provided it a) does not represent a significant visual intrusion into the landscape setting ……………………………..and

b) does not demonstrably diminish the setting of the built environment and it's relationship with the landscape …..

Amber Valley adopted Local Plan ( 2006 ) : LS3

The Borough Council will require proposals to reflect the principles of good design, by :-

  1. Conserving or enhancing the quality and local distinctiveness of the natural and built environment ……
  1. Respecting the character of the locality in terms of the scale and nature of the development , it's layout , density , height , massing, architectural style , materials………..

AVA/2019/0481 :

  1. It is clear that this ( latest ) proposal represents a further step down in terms of scale , massing and footprint from the two proposals defined under 2018/1183 . However it's footprint is calculated to be double that of the original ( outline ) proposal approved under 2018/0064. Within the many published objections to App 2018/1183, lies reference to certain legal judgements regarding the status of outline permissions , in particular to the concept in the Ministry of Town and Country Planning's circular 87 which accompanied the 1950 General Development Order…….i.e. "since consideration at the approval stages in limited by the terms of the initial permission , it is essential that that (sic) permission should not take the form of a blank cheque "………

On this basis it is reasonable for the Parish Council ( and other objectors ) to assume that their support for AVA/2018/0064 was based on the belief that the property shown in the Dwg FDL-17-157-03A was accurate in terms of size , scale and massing. Indeed the decision notice granting outline Approval noted that "despite being a greenfield site the development is acceptable in terms of scale and size." Whilst some modest variations based on future circumstance might be acceptable , a doubling of that footprint is unacceptable .

A consequence of this footprint size is that the new proposal impacts negatively on the open nature of the settlement at that point on Over Lane , a situation which would have been contained based on the original ( outline ) proposal, in which the new dwelling would have been subordinate to the two " Lane End " properties and to The Deer Leap , and would not have caused harm to open nature of the built settlement at that point . The Parish Council believes that the proposal fails to meet NP1:1a , NP1:1b) , NP2 and NP6 and should be refused for these reasons.

In terms of the proposed materials , the properties neighbouring the proposal site are stone built , with Staffordshire Blue roof tiles . The PC believe that the contemporary nature of some of the primary facing elements might be inconsistent with neighbouring materials , and there is also a need for clarity regarding the choice of material for the roofing .

The Parish Council notes and supports the views of close neighbours regarding the premature removal of trees from the site without an Arboriculture Impact Assessment as requested by the Trees and Conservation Officer .

The Parish Council respectfully submits that the Application be refused , and that any future Application should respect the proposal outlined in AVA/2018/0064 in terms of the scale of the proposed dwelling .

AVA/2019/0924Watergates 16 Ashbourne Road BlackbrookProvision of new greenhouse & Gazebo structures; external domestic landscaping works comprising new paved patio areas & new external walling, new vehicular & pedestrian gates and associated walling to site entrance on Ashbourne Road.No objections
AVA/2019/0903Overlane Farm Over LaneProposed conversion of existing garage to ancillary residential accommodation (Granny Flat) with small extensions and minor alterationsNo objections
AVA/2019/0891The Old Farm 10 Ashbourne Road BlackbrookSingle storey rear extensionNo objections

AVA/2019/0984 Kalamunda Hob Hill Extension to provide ancillary accommodation. The Parish Council considers that the character of the developed property and it's near neighbour will retain their existing harmony , and that there will be no harm caused to the rural nature of the area . In social terms, the development will result the family being able to maintain their present extended lifestyle whilst managing the developing medical needs of an elderly member at home rather than in hospital. The Parish Council strongly supports the Application.

The Parish Council have no objections on the following application:-

AVA/2019/0973 Old Beams Over Lane Hazelwood Ground Floor extension to sitting room with modification to rooms above including installing rooflights. Replace existing windows to Kitchen with relocated back door and French doors with glazed side panels.

AVA/2019/0795 Rickstones, Hob Hill Hazelwood – Amended

The Parish Council responded to the original Application under document 966223 filed on AVBC's Planning website . Much of the content considered the nature of the relationship between the proposal and it's near neighbour to the north , Holmeside Cottage , particularly in regard to the differences in materials and built style between the two . These differences would be exacerbated by the proposed separation distance between the two properties . It is understood that these distances would not be markedly different to those between the existing structures , however the proposal would deliver a 2 – storey structure rather than the present single story structure which is the existing metal garage.

Consideration has been given in the amended Application to the relationship between the proposal and its' neighbour to the south , Kalamunda , and it is acknowledged that benefit to Kalamunda has been secured in terms of amenity and privacy . Regrettably , however , there seems to have little consideration given to the relationship with Holmeside Cottage , even though this , in the view of the Parish Council , is the more important and demanding. It would have been helpful if the visual data provided in support of the amended Application had included visuals which reflected this proposed relationship.

In dealing with the issue of Spaces between buildings , AVBC considers that a separation of 10.5 to 12.5 metres would be a minimum general separation distance . It is of course true that this does not apply to the present situation between Rickstones and Holmside Cottage , however this is a situation created at a time when separation standards were less demanding ( and less appropriate ) than today … ( Rickstones was built in the 1930's ) and the existing metal garage is in any case close to ground level on account of the topography in the area of the 2 properties. Through this proposal the existing pitch of Rickstones' roof would advance towards Holmeside Cottage , causing great harm to the relationship between the properties by dint of the differences in materials proposed in the amended proposal , and to the increased massing caused by the increased roofline height . The separation between the properties is not defined in the planning documents but is ( and will be through this proposal ) approximately 1.3 metres , with front windows on the front face of Holmeside Cottage being overlooked by the two glazed windows shown on the proposal in Dwg 083 2018 006 J / ( doc 979477 in the AVBC website. )

Throughout the settlement on Hob Hill there is either a level of screening between properties close to their neighbours which prevents visual conflict , or those properties which do sit close to each other are of very similar form and materials.

The close proximity of the 2 dwellings would also drive a concern regarding the impact of a woodburning stove located in the proposed extension area , and the likely impact of it's exhaust fumes upon Holmeside Cottage .

Holmeside Cottage is a historically significant building with many references in local written history . It's status demands a special consideration regarding the form, materials and location of neighbouring properties . It is the opinion of Hazelwood Parish Council that the proposals in this amended Application do not change the harm that was perceived in the existing objection ( doc 366223) and that this objection stands . The issues of the ( inappropriate ) separation distances driven by the proposal, and defined in this document are emphasised as a further major issue bringing harm to the amenity of Holmeside Cottage.

The Hazelwood Neighbourhood Plan ( HNP ) policy NP1 b. requires that the visual impact of the proposals has been minimised by producing designs that accord with the Village Design Statement , so that development is not harmful to the intrinsic local Character of the proposed location …….

The Village Design Statement ( VDS ) details in VISUAL AND OTHER IMPACTS that

  1. New development should respect established patterns of design , materials, form , size , scale and massing ………..
  2. Not by copying but by sensitivity and complementing the character of the surroundings .

We refer again to the age and form of Holmside Cottage , being of some 500 years history and built largely of traditional stone . The materials proposed in the Application – concrete rooftiles / timber cladding / light grey render , fail to either respect or complement the form of Holmeside Cottage , particularly since the proposal would bring those materials into inappropriately close proximity . Concrete roof tiles are not evident in the wider Parish , which predominantly features Staffordshire Blue tiles . Timber cladding , which is recognised as a feature becoming more popular in general in the county , is utterly inappropriate in relation to Holmeside Cottage .

There would seem to be opportunity at Rickstones for development to the front facing aspect of the property – toward Hob Hill , which would satisfy the Applicant's desire for additional space , but would preserve the relationship with Holmeside Cottage , particularly if the present metal garage could be removed.

The Parish Council continues to submit that the Application should be refused.

AVA/2019/1108Larch Tree Cottage Hazelwood HillProposed extension to west elevation, refurbishment works to Grade II listed Cottage, demolition of single-storey extension to west and east elevations, insertion of two roof lights and re-opening of blocked up windowsNo objections
AVA/2019/1109Larch Tree Cottage Hazelwood HillListed building consent for proposed extension to west elevation, refurbishment works to Grade II listed Cottage, demolition of single-storey extension to west and east elevations, insertion of two roof lights and re-opening of blocked up windowsNo objections