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AVA/2018/1210Overlane Farm Over LaneOutline Application: Proposed Two New Residential Dwellings on Redundant Commercial Yard with new vehicle access from highway and existing vehicle access from highway retained (this is a departure from the Development Plan)The Application fails to meet the requirements of NP1 of the Hazelwood Neighbourhood Plan , insofar as it is not a " single dwelling , " ( NP1.1 ) . There is no demonstration that the 2 dwellings proposed " are necessary to meet the exceptional and local housing needs of residents within the Parish " ( NP1.2.) Nevertheless the PC recognises that the proposal is more attractive than would be the case if the site were again used for commercial purposes. Notwithstanding , the proposed dwellings do meet the requirements of NP3 , although it is noted that the Application is outline only. There seems to be little or no conflict with NP2, NP3 , and NP6 , save that the intrusion of the new dwellings into the landscape setting is inevitable in view of there being more than a single unit . And whilst it is understood that this response applies to 2 new dwellings , it must be noted that the site will be the subject of a further Application - bringing the number of new dwellings to 4 in the wider site ( reference the proposed site plan FDL-17-159/ W / 17 / -03 A.) The report of the Inspector ref APP / M1005 / W / 17 / 3189484 acknowledges the relevence of NP3 , and concludes that " controlling the size of the dwellings at reserved matters stage would ensure an open and spacious layout in keeping with the loose development pattern elsewhere on Over Lane. Given that the size of the dwellings will be restricted in this way , and opportunistic increases in size and massing will not be allowed in a later Application. There are concerns about the access which is close to the bennd. The Parish Council supports the Applicatiion .