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There are no objections to the following applications:-

  • AVA-2019-1227 1 Primrose Cottages Hazelwood Hill Proposed extension and alterations to dwelling
  • AVA-2019-1180 The Croft Hob HillConstruction of detached garage. Alterations and 3 no. single storey extensions to provide additional living accommodation to front, side and rear

Objections have been made on the following application:-

  • AVA/2019/1165 – Hazelwood Hall Farm Before considering the detail of the Application it is appropriate to note what appear to be a number of inaccuracies in the Planning Statement . In page 8 of the Statement reference is made to the Hazelwood Neighbourhood Plan , ( HNP ) and specifically to the associated Village Design Statement (VDS) , and to policies NP1 and NP2 of the HNP. It would seem that the verbage quoted is not taken from the Referendum Draft of the HNP , but from the pre – Submission draft which was considered and modified by the Independent External Examiner prior to the Referendum in 2016 .The Referendum version of the HNP requires " within and well integrated with the existing settlements ……….."Foreward : The Hazelwood Neighbourhood Plan sets out some requirements for the treatment of redundant agricultural buildings and their conversion , but does not identify any specific policies in regard to the provision of new buildings to be used within the context of an existing agricultural business and it's need for supporting labour. It is however understood that such labour is required and that it should reasonably be located close to the business in question .The Parish Council accepts the significance of Hazelwood Hall as a building and as an agricultural base in the history of Hazelwood Parish , and also accepts the need for a development plan to prepare the family agricultural business for development in the years ahead .The proposed re – instatement of the orchard would be welcome both in biodiversity terms and as a tool to mitigate the impact of built structure generally upon the view corridor South- Eastward from the grass triangle on Hazelwood Hill .Based on the preceding argument the Parish Council opposes this Application on the grounds that the location proposed for the new dwelling is not " within and well integrated with " the existing built structure at the Hazelwood Hall Farm site , and breaks into open countryside .
  • The PC does however recognise the aspirations of the Applicants for the forward direction of the Agricultural business at the site and stresses it's preparedness to consult on options seen to be consistent with
  • It is noted ( Design & Access Statement p6 ) that the Applicants are prepared to liaise regarding aspects of design , and the Parish Council would be anxious to consult with the Applicants regarding the proposed location , and explore opportunities to amend this so that the dwelling sits with existing lines and does not break into green space . The proposed orchard design could be modified to accommodate this outcome.
  • In considering the Application against the requirements of the HNP and specifically NP1 , the location of the proposed Agricultural Workers Dwelling gives cause for concern . It acts to convert green space to domestic use , albeit that use may not be subject to the influences of the open market and consequent future development if it is " tied " to the main Farmhouse , and it would seem to the PC that there are opportunities to locate the dwelling where it would be " well integrated " with existing structure ( perhaps through re-design of the proposed orchard. )
  • In the absence of specific policies , the Parish Council has used the general guiding principles of the HNP to help their evaluation of the Application , in terms of the need to integrate new development into existing structure , the protection of Hazelwood's view corridors , the need for design which respects its' neighbours etc.
  • The Parish Council has not sense checked other references in the Planning Statement however since the Policy referenced above is fundamental, we believe that the Applicants should make a review of the Statement for accuracy .
  • Development of single dwellings may be permitted on sites " within or on the edge of the main settlements of …….."

The Parish Council have no objections to the following applications:-

  • AVA/2020/0343 Ground Floor extension to sitting room with modification to rooms above including installing rooflights. Replace existing windows to Kitchen with relocated back door and French doors with glazed side panels Old Beams Over Lane
  • AVA/2020/0330 Front extensions, rear facing dormer, new detached garage with office space above and new entrance gates Rickstones Hob Hill Hazelwood

Objections were made on the following application:-

  • AVA/2020/0329 Outline application (appearance, layout, landscaping and scale to be agreed) for 5 affordable dwellings (starter homes) and 4 elderly persons bungalows with green amenity space (the proposal is a Departure to the Development Plan) Bradshaw House Nether Lane

There were no objections to the following applications:-

  • AVA-2020-0465Chapel Farm Goodwins Lane Hazelwood
    Extension to existing outbuilding to provide additional living accommodation including granny annexes
  • AVA-2020-0466 Chapel Farm Goodwins Lane Hazelwood
    Listed building consent for extension to existing outbuilding to provide additional living accommodation including granny annexes

There were no objections to the following application:

AVA/2020/0714 Church Farm Hazelwood Hill Proposed single storey porch to front and rear of property along with external alterations

AVA/2020/0822Rose Cottage FirestoneProposed two storey side / rear extension, single storey front extension and associated alterations included reduced level patio area.No objections
AVA/2020/0892Sunset Nether LaneConversion, alterations and extension of outbuilding to form new dwellingNo objections
AVA/2020/0884Primrose Cottage Hazelwood HillErection of Detached Garden Implement Store & Greenhouse to front of dwellingNo objections
AVA-2020-0916Land At Hob Hill Hob HillProposed development of up to four dwellingsObjections