Hazelwood Parish Council

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Clerk RFO: Mrs L Storey
P O Box 8108, Derby
Derbyshire DE1 0ZU

Tel: 07941 052009

Around and about Hazelwood

Around and about Hazelwood

For first-time visitors to the Parish of Hazelwood, the beautiful open views and the historic nature of the area often come as a very pleasant surprise. In minutes, after leaving busy main roads, one is amidst quiet, rural surroundings abounding in charm and history. The map which accompanies this introduction to the Parish shows a very contained area but one which is very accessible and full of surprise.

Situated approximately 8 miles North West of Derby, Hazelwood Parish is principally reached via the A6 to Duffield and then two miles North; alternatively, from the A517 Belper-Ashbourne road or the B5023 Duffield – Wirksworth road. It is recognised as being in the foothills of the Peak District, characterised by undulating, wooded farmland and stunning vistas near and far. Visitors perceive Hazelwood to be an attractive, rural location – a haven for countryside lovers, cyclists and horse riders who enjoy the lanes in relative safety and for walkers with over seven miles of footpaths to explore.

A Parish with history…

Historically, the Parish dates back to Roman times with evidence of pottery making - all linking to a road across the Chevin which was a main thoroughfare during this period, Later, the whole area was once part of the medieval Duffield Frith land holdings with its forestry, deer park and farming activities. Still predominantly rural, Hazelwood Parish has maintained its farming interests, albeit to a lesser degree but has developed related activities in many of the farm buildings.

Many buildings in the Parish have considerable architectural merit and in some cases historic interest. Some would have been built on earlier foundations and incorporating parts of earlier dwellings. There is a rich heritage of fascinating connections through ownership and occupation.

There are nine Listed buildings – two churches and the remainder related to farming origins. All but one are predominantly constructed in stone. The oldest would appear to be Hazelwood Hall in Spring Hollow and Larch Tree Cottage on Hazelwood Hill.

The Chevin Golf course runs from the South end of Firestone, leading down to Duffield. Firestone connects to North Lane (known as the Chevin), thought to be Roman, offering a variety of popular routes for walkers.

Opposite Goodwin's Lane is a well-preserved pinfold where straying animals were impounded until the owner paid a fine for their release.

Spring Hollow is part of the ancient Derby to Wirksworth turnpike. The junction 'triangle' was the site of a gibbet on which criminals were hung in chains. Spring Hollow features a spout that was erected to commemorate Queen Victoria's 1897 Diamond Jubilee. This is fed by a spring that has never been known to fail and supplied neighbouring farms and cottages, until 1952 when the entire Parish received piped water.

Heres a link to an extract of a publication from 1845 which provides a detailed history and Parish description at that time